Boris Zilbermints - AHRA chairman

Boris Zilbermints and his family have settled in Aphrodite Hills in 2017.
Boris has an extensive managerial background, he held top executive positions in the largest Russian and international petroleum corporations such as Lukoil, Gazpromneft, TNK-BP. He was also a chairman or a member of the Board of Directors of many large multinational companies. During his 20+ years of employment Boris worked in many countries including USA, UK, Central Asia, Latin America and Russia. Boris is well known in the industry for achieving the highest results, he does what he says and always delivers on his promises.
Boris holds MSc in Geology from Gubkin University (Moscow, Russia), MA in Economics from SMU (Dallas, USA) and completed a General Management Program in Harward University (Boston, USA).
Boris is happily married and has three children. He speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Enjoys golf, volleyball, theatre and loves travelling around the world.

Tim Monks — AHRA committee member

Tim Monks and his wife first came to Aphrodite Hills for the opening of the Spa in 2005.
The Hotel was being built at the time, so from then until about 2011, they came at least twice a year to play golf, travelling from another Hotel.
They opened an office in Nicosia in 2010 and came to Nicosia every month.
They decided to buy a house in Aphrodite & a flat in Helios in 2013 and settled in Aphrodite Hills in 2014.
Tim was trained in accountancy and then moved into business.
Tim is well known in the industry; he has 55 years of managing businesses and people.
His career spans Exporting, Factories, Retail, Property Development, Construction, Recruitment, Payroll Bureau, HR, and Property Investment.
He is also the chairman of Maxipay Accounting Services Ltd in the United Kingdom, which has been running for 23 years.
Tim's interests are world affairs and history.
Sports in his later years are golf and gym.
Having travelled all over the world, Tim likes to stay in his few favourite places, and occasionally, maybe once a year, he tries somewhere he
has not been.

Irina Karachinskaya — AHRA committee member

Irina and her family have settled in Aphrodite Hills in 2015. Since then, she become an active committee member of Alexander Heights village.
Irina has successfully graduated Russian State University of Sport, Physical Culture and Tourism. She has PhD in Sports Psychology and 15+ years experience in supervising, management and expansion of the leading chain of fitness clubs «World Class». Her social position is very friendly, active and focused on team work.
Irina is happily married and has two children. She speaks English, German, Russian and Ukrainian, learns Greek. Enjoys swimming, hiking, theatre and loves to travel around the world.