We all ended up in Cyprus for a reason. Some have found tranquility here for their growing children, some are engaged in business and enjoy the nature around them, and others just live and enjoy the sun, the sea, the clean air and kind and friendly Cypriots.
The more you travel and discover other countries, the more you appreciate Cyprus you live in. Cyprus truly is a paradise! Moreover, this paradise has a heart.
That heart is Aphrodite Hills.
This is a special place in Cyprus that is not like the rest of the country. Not because it is one of the best golf resorts in Europe, not because it has a developed infrastructure, not because it is home to special people already established. I affectionately call Aphrodite Hills "our village". Everything is pleasing to the eye here: green manicured fields, silence and coolness, the most beautiful sunsets. The Aphrodite Hills is our haven, of which we, the residents are very proud.
In addition, if we write about any shortcomings in our village, it is only for making our village cleaner, better and safer. After all, there is no limit to perfection...