Dear residents of Aphrodite Hills. As you may know the municipal elections in Cyprus are scheduled for June 9, 2024 and all those eligible to vote (Cypriot and EU nationals) need to register by the end of March.

We need to get as many voters as possible to be able to elect Aphrodite Hills' candidates to the Kouklia Council. The more voters we will have the more members of the Council we could elect. This is our chance to finally make a difference! To make Kouklia start spending money on Aphrodite Hills and to make long awaited improvements. For years Kouklia was collecting 0.5 - 0.7 million Euro from us annually (Council taxes, etc.) giving back in services only around one tenth of that amount. Anything we asked for has been unreasonably delayed by a dysfunctional Kouklia Council. Just imagine what improvements could be made in Aphrodite Hills if 80%, or even 50% of the money we have been paying to Kouklia is effectively spent at the resort.

AHRA is asking its members and all residents of Aphrodite Hills eligible to vote to register in time (the procedure is explained in detail in Mr. Zenon's email below). Please bring completed forms together with the supporting documents to the Aphrodite Hills Management reception. Those who are currently not in Cyprus please send scanned copies to Mr. Zenon. Together we can!

AHRA Council

"The local elections ( and European and Cyprus Government) are to be held on 9th June 2024.

I am putting my name down as a candidate member of the council of Kouklia municipality in order to offer my services and promote the interest and better service to Aphrodite Hills by the municipality, and the village of course!

Holders of Cyprus passports and holders of European Passports can take part in the municipal elections.

Holders of Cyprus Passport need to fill in the white form and together with a utility bill and copy of the passport they can give to me and I will arrange to submit to the District Administration Office.

Holders of European passports need to fill in the Blue form and together with a utility bill, a photo and the yellow immigration slip and copy of the passport, can give it to me and I will again arrange to submit to the DAO

I attach the two forms, together with an explanation form for the white form for those who hold a Cyprus Passport but do not write Greek.

The forms need to be submitted to the DAO by the end of next week i.e. March 31st.

I will appreciate if you forward these to the owners you know that hold a Cyprus or a European Passport

Zenon Papaloizou, Project Manager"